Digital Assets Market Situation & Pain Points

Lack of democratic

Operating mechanism

No polymeric carrier

No aggregate entrance

High trading threshold

Hard to use to participate



Wallet management

Currency exchange


Information security

Security of assets management


Credit ranking

Paid Q&A

Product Functions

Digital Project
   Multi-dimensional intelligent screening              Simple operational asset allocation
Digital Goods
   Activate potential value and vitality              Flexible and inclusive digital world
Digital Wallet
   Complete security management of digital assets              Intelligent digital credit authorization management
Social System
   Credit rating list              Paid Q&A mechanism              Internet celebrity list subscriptions
   Asymmetric encryption for key information              Personal information authorized to be motivated

System Architecture

Delegated project investment, Goods exchange, Wallet management , Asset management, Social system management
Verification algorithm, Sorting rule, Tamper proofing, Biometrics, Smart contracts, Encryption algorithms
Networking protocol, Hyperledger, Smart contract, Cross chain technology, Peer to peer transmission

System Features

Open Source
Code posted on GitHub during development
Cross-chain Transmission
Cross-chain asset exchange and transfer using random witness + hash lock mode
Cross-domain Authentication
Randomly grant the authority to verify different domain nodes. Cross-domain authentication. Improve transaction efficiency and security
Asymmetric Encryption
Encrypt the user's security registration and user authentication information
Zero-knowledge Proof
Encryption of user biology information alone, to complete the user's personal information comparison and certification
Multi-dimensional Assessment
Use the multi-dimensional intelligent way to calculate the investment credit value weight

System Credits

  • Delegated digital investment
  • Information exchange and viewing
  • Digital goods exchange



Establish a project team,Create financial payment instruments with fourth-generation blockchain technology


Taiwan, Singapore and Thailand launch projects at the same time, and launched MXC Exchange in December 2019


Test chain TPS reached 1000+. Layout game and automotive field (introduction of strategic investment)


System TPS reached 2000+,global ecological conference, layout expanded live broadcast, payment, insurance and other fields


System TPS reaches 10000+, establishing 189 ecological co-governing nodes all over the world


Rod Kelly

Rod Kelly

Senior Technology Consultant Architecture

Rod Kelly is responsible for system framework and financial management of government-related projects

Nik Shkrob

Nik Shkrob

Senior Software Engineer

Nik Shkrob worked in Google / Amazon / Twitter / Lyft. He specializes in the architecture and design of distributed systems

Kyle C. Rubel

Kyle C. Rubel

Senior Business Systems Analyst

Kyle C. Rubel offers Fortune 500 companies a variety of efficiencies and optimizations, with a special focus on predictive and adaptive analytics algorithms, business process management and financial analytics

Kan Li

Kan Li

Senior IT Consultant

Kan Li worked for Accenture, designed and built customer-oriented recommender systems for major corporations in the financial, government and communications industries